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It’s Friday, the world is doomed.

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It is a Friday morning. I am sitting in my apartment knowing that I do not have to go into work today. Surprisingly, I AM wearing pants. I have already consumed an entire pot of coffee. I am currently listening to Modest Mouse. Life would seem to be on the level today.

So, why is it that I am in a complete and total state of “Holy fuck, the world is doomed!” this morning? Well, I made the mistake of reading several newspapers and websites. Seriously, what the fuck world? From Canadians being stupidly racist to the Pussy Riot verdict. Not to mention how fucked up Russia banning Gay Pride for a CENTURY is. If that wasn’t enough, South African police opened fire on protesting miners.

If I believed in hell, I’d say we were headed there in some sort of handbasket. Come on, world, we can get through this. We can be better! We can be smarter! We can care about shit outside of our own Friday night plans. Can’t we?

Of course, history seems to tell me we can’t. Maybe we are just fucked. So, fuck it. It’s Friday! We’ll start being better on Monday.


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August 17, 2012 at 10:41 AM

R.I.P. Mr. Layton

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It’s difficult to find the right words to express my current state of being after learning Jack Layton had lost his battle with cancer early this morning. Jack Layton was a hero of mine. Not only in politics but as a man who simply emanated a positive energy as contagious as anything I have ever known in this world.

It was his positivity and his longing to work together as a nation to make Canada the best possible country it could be that will be his legacy. His disdain for partisanship and his hope that one day all Canadians would share the same common dignities such as food, shelter, healthcare and education as their peers. It did not matter what social class you belonged to because you all belonged to Canada and Canada was there to treat you right, or at least it should be.

When I heard that he was coming to speak at Laurier a few years back, I made damn sure I had a seat in that room. Walking in, there was an aura about him and of course plenty of fair trade coffee to go around. I was in awe of his elegance, intelligence and ability to capture the entire room. He even acknowledged the Conservative Students’ Group holding protest signs in the back. Jack would not shy away from debate. He welcomed discourse.

During the most recent election it was clear that Canadians had had their fill of politics. As a country we had lost the majority of our citizens to apathy. We had a Prime Minister who refused to answer more than five questions a day, kicked people with differing political views out of his functions and showed a complete lack of interest in what the public had to say. And then there was Jack. Jack was not having any of it. Despite his health issues and recent hip surgery, Jack campaigned like there was no tomorrow. Sad to think that perhaps that was truly how he felt.

Long written off as almost a “fringe” party, Jack brought the NDP back from the brink. He did it with a smile. He did it with the promise of cohesion in Ottawa. While never one to back down from a fight, he was willing and his party was willing to work as the Official Opposition for the benefit of the entire country.

When Jack announced he would be stepping away to fight his second battle with cancer, he truly believed that he would win and that he would be back to fight for Canadian families and despite how terribly frail he appeared, I too believed he would win. After all, this was Jack Layton and the sheer folklore behind him would surely guide him through the treatment and right back to Parliament Hill.

I did not want to believe that he could lose. To lose Jack would be to lose the hope he instilled. The death of Jack would mean the death of cooperative politics. As I sit here typing, I can only hope that this is not so. As I sit here typing the condolences and well wishes to the Layton family will continue to pour in. Offering what little comfort they can. As I sit here typing we can only have faith that Jack’s tenacity, hope and fight for a better Canada will be maintained. That to honour his life, Ottawa will at least attempt to find common ground.

Jack often quoted a political hero of his own:

“Courage, my friends; ’tis not too late to build a better world.” – Tommy Douglas

Rest in Peace Jack, you will be forever missed.

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August 22, 2011 at 11:45 AM

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The Idiots are Taking Over

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I have been trying to come up with the right words to properly explain my absolute disgust with regards to last night’s election results. It seems I have been screaming at a brick wall for the last 5 years and last night, that brick wall decided to collapse on my head, rendering my proper outrage gauging processer useless. As I am unable to properly process my current level of outrage, I will direct your attention to NOFX’s “The Idiots are Taking Over.”


It’s not the right time to be sober
Now the idiots have taken over
Spreading like a social cancer, is there an answer?

Mensa membership conceding
Tell me why and how are all the stupid people breeding
Watson, it’s really elementary
The industrial revolution
Has flipped the bitch on evolution
The benevolent and wise are being thwarted, ostracized, what a bummer
The world keeps getting dumber
Insensitivity is standard and faith is being fancied over reason

Darwin’s rolling over in his coffin
The fittest are surviving much less often
Now everything seems to be reversing, and it’s worsening
Someone flopped a steamer in the gene pool
Now angry mob mentality’s no longer the exception, it’s the rule
And I’m starting to feel a lot like Charlton Heston
Stranded on a primate planet
Apes and orangutans that ran it to the ground
With generals and the armies that obeyed them
Followers following fables
Philosophies that enable them to rule without regard

There’s no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated
Political scientists get the same one vote as some Arkansas inbred
Majority rule, don’t work in mental institutions
Sometimes the smallest softest voice carries the grand biggest solutions

What are we left with?
A nation of god-fearing pregnant nationalists
Who feel it’s their duty to populate the homeland
Pass on traditions
How to get ahead religions
And prosperity via simpleton culture

The idiots are taking over

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May 3, 2011 at 7:53 PM

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