When it Rings Will You Answer?

One and One and One is Three

DAY ELEVEN/TWELVE – “Favourite Character as a Zombie”/”Make Believe Occupation”

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We should have listened to that crazy Doctor. His name was Dr. Vincent Singh. He tried to warn us. His laboratory assistant was the first to fall victim. Who could have ever believed it though? An insane scientist claiming to have perfected cloning.

Of course, ‘perfecting’ certainly wasn’t the right word for it. He’d created an abomination and when he and his assistant, Jenks tried to undo the unconscionable, they only made things worse.

You see, it wasn’t actually human. Dr. Singh hadn’t perfected cloning at all. No, he had created a copy of a human being, but it lacked that essence in each of us that made us human. Some people believe it’s a soul, me? I don’t know what I believe any more.

It attacked as they tried to subdue it. “I’m wearing you down, baby. I’m wearing you down.” It taunted them relentlessly. It became overpowering and Jenks snapped. Dr. Singh claimed to see it in his eyes. He was no longer human. He was one with their abomination. He was Urkel.

It’s been fifteen months since the “infection” first spread. The entire world thought it was an elaborate hoax or some advanced viral marketing. We all thought it was just another  Buzzfeed “Hey, remember THIS” type of nostalgia. It was why no one believed what was really happening. We didn’t know the end of humankind was coming.  We were all wrong. It was nostalgia, but the nostalgia was spreading. It was taking over. You could fight it off at first, but eventually, you gave in to it.

There are a select few, myself included, who appear immune to it. We were recruited by the government, at least what’s left of it, to fight back. It has been a struggle but we have made minor progress in ending the relentless question of “Did I do that?” We are A.U.N.T.* and this is our story…



*Anti-Urkel Nostalgia Troops


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