When it Rings Will You Answer?

One and One and One is Three

DAY TEN – “Any Word as Graffiti”

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In an oppressive society a single word on a concrete wall has the power to challenge everything. This is what Samson truly believed. He decided one night to break curfew and sneak out onto the street. He had to be careful to avoid the heavy military presence. He could be thrown in jail just for being out of his house after 9PM.

In his bag he carried a single can of spray paint. He had managed to smuggle it out of the factory he spent most of his days. He walked in the shadows and made his way to a grey concrete wall in the centre of the city. He pulled the can of spray paint out of his bag and began. He wasn’t an artist and he wasn’t doing this for himself. He wanted to see the system crumble and this was the only way he knew how to wake up the masses. If he was caught, he’d be thrown in jail or worse, executed. Still, he felt he had no choice.

He finished and put the cap back on the can. He stood back and took in what he had just done. A single act of defiance. He knew, that if it survived the night and was seen by the people, it would start a revolution. He turned his back on his work and walked away. A single word on a concrete wall; RISE.


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