When it Rings Will You Answer?

One and One and One is Three

DAY NINE – “A Science Project Gone Wrong”

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“Dear God, what have we done?” Dr. Singh cried out as he slammed the door shut behind him and made sure to bolt all the locks. He and his lab assistant, Jenks had managed to escaped relatively unscathed physically, but no amount of therapy could fix the emotional scars they had just suffered.

“There is no God,” Jenks lamented. He was white as a ghost as he rocked back and forth. Dr. Singh slapped him across the face.

“Dammit, Jenks! Now is not the time to fall apart. We must correct this egregious wrong we have committed and I will need you at full capacity to do it.” Jenks stopped rocking back and forth and slowly turned his head to the Doctor,

“We have to kill it,” he coldly stated.

“Heavens no, Jenks. We are not murderers. We are life givers! Look what we’ve done. We may have misunderstood the responsibility that brings and we certainly erred in judgement, but by god, we will not take that which has been given.” Jenks continued to stare at Dr. Singh.

“And why not?” He asked. “We played God. God gives life and God, sure as the day is long, takes life away. So if we have already taken one of God’s roles, why not the other?”

“There must be a better solution than that.”

“We have to kill it,” Jenks repeated. “We cannot release this thing on an unsuspecting population. They’d be far too vulnerable.”

“No. I don’t accept that,” Dr. Singh replied. “I am going back in. Perhaps I can reason with it.”

“You’re a fool,” Jenks scolded.

“Be that as it may,” Dr. Singh began, “I am going back in. This is your chance to offer your resignation and leave, Jenks. You have served me admirably and I certainly would not hold it against you or blame you should you choose to.”

“Resign?” Jenks scoffed. “I won’t leave you here alone with it.”

“Thank you, dear friend. I admire you greatly.” Dr. Singh unbolted the door and slowly opened it. The lab had been completely destroyed. Broken glass and lab equipment strewn throughout as the electronic equipment sparked. “My God, I’ve never seen anything so uncoordinated.” Dr. Singh and Jenks scanned the room carefully and spotted their abomination standing in the corner. It just stood there, staring in their direction. It slowly moved its hands up to its cheeks, Dr. Singh and Jenks jumped back, “No. No. No. Not again. Please God, no,” Dr. Singh pleaded. It opened its mouth and spoke,


Dr. Singh turned to Jenks,

“We have to kill it,” he whispered.




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