When it Rings Will You Answer?

One and One and One is Three

DAY FIVE – “A Mysterious Device”

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“What do you think it is?” “Gary asked.

“Ain’t got the slightest clue but I don’t think I’d touch ii if I was you,” replied Kevin.

“Oh, you just want to scare me off so’s you can claim it for yerself, but I reckon I seen it first.”

“Fine ya lug nut, but can’t say I didn’t warn ya and that’s exactly what I’ll tell your wife, ‘cuz I sure as shit ain’t gonna to be on the receiving end of that woman’s wrath again,” Kevin said as he threw his hands up in the air and stepped back. Gary laughed.

“You always was chicken shit around her, but Christ, she’s your damn sister. You’d think you could take it by now.”

“Ya, well, you’d think wrong. REAL wrong.”

“I reckon it might be some sort of government technology. You know? I heard all sorts of rumours that there’s those secret government facilities throughout this part of the county. This thing musta just fallen off a convoy of some sort. Hell, maybe it’s even alien! Imagine that, Kev!” Gary took off his hat and wrung it in his hands with childlike glee.

“Don’t be such a dummy. I’ll wager your drinks at the game this Friday that this thing ain’t no government and it sure as shit ain’t no alien technology neither.”

“Well, then, what the heck is it and why’s you so scared to touch it?” Gary felt a small victory after he said that. Kevin cut that victory short with one quick glare. “Ah hell, Kev, you know you got a glare as bad as your sister’s. No man should be able to glare like that.”

“If you want to touch it, go right ahead. I s’pose if it were radioactive we’re properly fucked at this point anyway.”

“Well, all right. Here goes nothing. I’m just going to pick it up now. Aliens, if this is yours, I ain’t tryna steal it, so no need to abduct and probe me. Maybe Kevin’d like it. I heard he was a little wild in the seventies, eh Kev?” Another brief victory was cut down to size by the look in Kevin’s eyes. “Just messin’, Kev. You know it.”

Gary bent down and picked up the mysterious device.

“Well?” Asked Kevin.

“I rightly don’t know,” replied Gary. Gary examined it closer. It was dirty as if it had been buried and it smelled like shit but it was definitely advanced technology as far as he could tell. He just had no clue as to what it may be or what it might do. Just then the school bus pulled up to the house and Gary’s grandson hopped off. He ran across the lawn to greet the two men,

“What are you two old kooks doing out here?” He asked.

“Found something you might find pretty damn interesting, Junior. Just take a look at this.” Gary held out the device and Junior began to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Gary asked him.

“Well, it’s definitely interesting. That’s dad’s old Zune! He thought he lost it years ago.”

“What in sam hell is a Zune?”

“It’s…it’s…ah never mind. It’s junk. The dog musta buried it years ago and dug it up. I wouldn’t imagine that it even works now.” Junior took the Zune from his grandfather, threw it in the trash, and ran off into the house.


“Ya, Kev?”

“Guess yer buyin’ the drinks at the game on Friday.”

“Ya, Kev. I reckon I am.”

The end.


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