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I Want to Hold Your Hand

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“What is it exactly that you want from me? Dating? Because I have to be honest, I don’t really do the whole somebody’s girlfriend thing.”

“Dating? Girlfriend? No! I just want to hang out with you. Lots.  I want to get to know everything I can about you. I want to know what you love. I want to know what you hate. I want to know what words make your nose crinkle. I want to know what makes you smile so that I can be the person who does that thing that makes you smile. I want to maybe one day try to kiss you and hope that you kiss back.”

“That sounds to me like a fairly unerring definition of dating.”

“That’s crazy talk. I want to take you to dinner and to movies and out for gelato. Honestly, I want to eat so much goddamn gelato with you. I mean, just because I want to hold your hand while we walk through Little India in search of the perfect naan doesn’t mean I want to date you! Who am I, Clark Gable?”

“It’s just too soon for naan.”

“Forget the naan! We’ll have Thai instead. We don’t have to call it anything. Let’s just be. Hang out with me. Do it. Do it. Do it.”

“I do love gelato.”

“Never trust a person who says they don’t love gelato.”

“I don’t think I could.”

“I’m breaking you down. I see a smile and exasperated acceptance on the horizon.”

“Is this how you get all your not dates?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never wanted to not date someone as much as I want to not date you.”

“ONE gelato. For now.”


“I better not regret this gelato.”

“Who could ever regret gelato?!”



Written by josiahh

February 20, 2014 at 9:32 PM

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