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“Goodbye notes never seem to say enough.”

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Written by josiahh

April 25, 2013 at 3:19 PM

Four Letter Words

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It’s funny, he thought, just how easily he could fall in love. One quick smile or a flip of her hair, a bite of ┬áher bottom lip, the tiniest laugh, or the simplest of looks and he was in over his head, and he meant it. He was a sucker for a beautiful girl and he wouldn’t change a thing about that. How sad, he would often think to himself, that so many would limit themselves to one true love. That they would ignore the love of so many others. That they would rather be alone and hope to stumble into this magical realm of bliss one day. He knew he had far too much love to give and that no one person could ever come close to matching it. If love was meant to be selfless then why bother with it at all? Love was meant to be selfish in his eyes. Why give your heart to someone if they won’t offer you their soul? He needed his heart to beat for himself. He thought it silly when his friend told him how he’d given his heart to the girl of his dreams. You stupid man, he told him, you know if you gave her your heart, you’d be dead. To which his friend could only roll his eyes and argue it was a metaphor and call him a fool. All he could do was laugh at the thought. No, he’d decided, he would continue to love them all equally. None more than the other, and he expected them to love him the same as any other man. It was easier that way. There was no mess. No unhappy endings. Everything just was.

Written by josiahh

April 23, 2013 at 1:43 PM

I hate the way you tease me.

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Summer, you seemed to be right around the corner. Hiding within each cold breeze you would whisper in my ear, “Don’t fret, we’ll be together soon. I’m just biding my time and warming the ground so you’ll have a place to sit, drink, and be happy in the park.” I believed you. I went about my cold winter days with thoughts of you in my head and in my heart. You kept me warm.

But where have you gone? Today I woke up to the bleakest┬ásky and coldest air. I’ve woken to the threat of freezing rain and broken promises. Summer, you’ve abandoned me in my time of need. Come back to me, Summer.

Summer in the Park

Written by josiahh

April 10, 2013 at 9:43 AM

No Amount of Fire or Freshness

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you thought you saw her last night
and you lost your breath
your head knew that it wasn’t
but your heart still wished for death
you are joylessly bound by the thought of her presence
and driven to an edge you hoped you’d never reach
desperate, you claw at one last shred of redemption
but that is not the lesson they teach
no, that is not the lesson that they teach

Written by josiahh

April 10, 2013 at 9:19 AM