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It has recently come to my attention that since we parted ways you have been on a scorched earth, revisionist campaign, disparaging all that we may have shared. Liquid courage was never your friend. You have made claim that I am an empty and soulless vessel, here only to feed on the hearts of the innocent. Batting your big puppy dog eyes at any person silly enough to buy into your fabricated love of all things sad and broken. You have the nerve to accuse me of faking two years. You said you loved me. I said I loved you back. It is now clear that our definition of what constitutes the love between two friends greatly differs. Not once did I ever say anything untrue to you. What is becoming clear is that you may have been found the liar. What person cries love and spits venom?

I need you to understand that I am not wired like you. You crave love. You require complete and total devotion. You are so desperate for a soulmate that you look past every single flaw of any person who smiles in your direction. It was something that at first drew me to you. You made me feel as though I could do no wrong. You built me up. You romanticized every second we spent together beyond comprehension. The pressure to be the person you expected me to be was far too great. I broke. I let you down. You had no right to put me in that position.

The second I slipped from the pedestal you had placed me, you could no longer see me for me. You saw a horrible disappointment. A terrible waste of what you thought I should be. That is not on me. It was the most unfair thing you could have ever done. You hurt me on a level I cannot not even describe. Your reaction and subsequent actions brought you to me in an entirely new light. A light that was not appealing on any level. You scratched and you clawed. You tossed blame around. You became an anchor, a poison, a drain. I was not willing to let you drag me down to your depth. You left me no choice but to end things. I am not sorry for making the choices I made. I am sorry that you are hurting. Our story may yet have pages to be written but understand at this point there is nothing left to say.

In short, I chose to leave, but you seem to have chosen to destroy. If you truly meant a word you said during our time together, be happy, love and care for yourself. Respect what we had and remember me fondly. It is what I hope to do. Please don’t take that from me. Please don’t take it from yourself. Remember to breathe and that the world still spins.



Written by josiahh

July 21, 2012 at 9:05 PM

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  1. Wow Josiah. Amazing that you found words for this. A good writer can find a universal truth, in fact it is often a goal of good writing to find commonality in the human experience. Now I dont pretend to speak for all of mankind, but this magically wrapped words around my experience. Thank you!


    July 22, 2012 at 8:15 AM

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