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A professor of mine once wrote (and I shit you not), “Josiah, you have the gift, please don’t ever stop writing.” It was easily the highest compliment I have ever been paid in my life. Because of that, I feel as though I have let her down. I haven’t stopped writing per se, but I certainly haven’t written anything on a regular basis. I most definitely have not written a single noteworthy thing since my days at WLU. I’ve tried to believe my own hype, but I just don’t consider myself all that interesting or entertaining.

Perhaps I will be a cautionary tale of wasted potential. Everyone needs a thing. That could be mine.

“Josiah? Yeah, he could have been great but he never even tried to be mediocre. Oh well. Not everyone is born to be someone.”

Better yet, maybe my thing could be getting famous by writing about how little I write. I could be the Terrence Malick of the blogosphere. I’ll trick everyone into believing there is some deep, hidden message in every second word only to reveal a confusing, sordid story of misadventure revolving around waiting in line at Tim Horton’s.

Meh. That seems like too much effort. I’d really have to make my one blog every eight years count, and I mean, who has the time?

I do? Yeah. You’re right.

How about this, my thing can be the one person in the world without a thing. Although I suppose going around saying I don’t have a thing might make me even less popular with the ladies. I promise, I have a great thing! Where are you going?! Come back!

I’ve lost my train of thought. I think my professor might have over-valued my ability to write. She did once also comment on my paper, “Josiah, you’ve said absolutely nothing of substance, albeit beautifully. Next time please try putting some work into the research portion of your assignments.”

I never did. Work is REALLY hard you guys!

Why are you still reading this? You must be bored out of your mind. That, or you are secretly in love with me. It’s cool. I’m in love with you too.

I will leave you with this, “there’s only one rule that I know of, babies – God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

– josiah


Written by josiahh

May 12, 2012 at 1:20 PM

8 Responses

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  1. I feel like this all the time now. My teachers believed I had so much literary promise and encouraged me to even start my blog but I feel like I have nothing to say because I am so uninteresting. Also, my last school really stimulated your thinking in all kinds of directions so my writing was acceptable even to me back then but this new school has killed every creative thought I once had, rendering me as entertaining as a wet rag. Maybe less.
    I guess I have to find things to stimulate my mind by myself…or die.


    May 12, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    • Funny isn’t it? You need a life to have anything worth writing about, but if you have a life, you don’t have time to sit and write. IT’S A NEVER ENDING VICIOUS CYCLE! …haha, that or I am both boring AND lazy

      • I am definitely boring AND lazy 😦
        What I’m going to do once exams are over though, is this 40 day writing exercise book I have. It’s supposed to “develop the writer within.” You’re welcome to do it with me if you don’t think those sorts of things are bs (it’s okay if you do.)


        May 12, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    • Hmm…well, I’m not sure I have the discipline to do a 40 day thing, but I am intrigued.

      • I definitely don’t have the discipline. I’ve tried to do it several times and I never pass day 5 :/ But if we do it together, perhaps…!


        May 12, 2012 at 4:45 PM

      • perhaps! let’s give it the ol’ college try!

  2. Im with the professor. Keep writing. I find you both interesting and amusing, mind you I confess, I am rather easily amused. Its not cuz Im simple or anything, and not like oh well never mind I digress. You did say something of substance that is often over looked. You do have to be kind 🙂 and its often harder then it sounds.


    May 12, 2012 at 3:20 PM

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